Election: Illegal "Caren Ray for Supervisor" Signs Litter South County

2014 April 28 — NIPOMO

Forty-nine "Caren Ray for Supervisor" political signs have been found, believed to be illegally placed on public right-of-way, in Nipomo and the South County area. IntegritySLO transmitted a complaint to County Public Works today.

On April 24, the County Department of Public Works issued a "NOTICE TO REMOVE CAMPAIGN SIGNAGE ON COUNTY ROADWAYS" to all candidates for public office. The notice advises public placement of signs "is in violation of several State and County Codes." Candidates are "DIRECTED TO IMMEDIATELY REMOVE ALL SUCH SIGNAGE from the public right-of-way and from other public properties."

Map of Improperly Placed Caren Ray for Supervisor Election Signs:

Illegal signs disadvantage honest candidates who do not participate in improper placement. Furthermore, it costs hundreds of taxpayer dollars for Public Works crews to remove illegally placed signs.