Republicans gain majority; then sell-out

After hard-fought elections win majority, local Republicans hand control back to Democrats

PLEASE CONTACT these two local representatives and plead with them not to continue squandering the majority we fought hard to win:

  Frank Mecham

  County Board of Supervisors

  (805) 781-4491


  John Hamon

  Paso Robles City Council


IntegritySLO likes Frank and John, but is very troubled...

Board of Supervisors Majority Given Away...

Tuesday, January 5 - Supervisor Frank Mecham voted to make notorious Democrat Supervisor Adam Hill vice-chair of the Board of Supervisors for a second time. Being vice-chair empowers Adam Hill and sets him up to become chair (for a second time) next year. Frank's vote bypassed Republican Supervisor Debbie Arnold who has never held chair or vice-chair.

There will be a re-vote next Tuesday, February 3. Please tell Frank Mecham to support Debbie Arnold!


Air Pollution Control District (APCD) Given Away...

Wednesday, January 28 - Supervisor Frank Mecham and Council Member John Hamon voted to make Supervisor Adam Hill chair of the APCD Board.

Even worse, John Hamon scuttled a vote to make Pismo Beach Council Member Ed Waage vice-chair, instead giving the position to Morro Bay Green Party/Democrat Noah Smukler. Pismo Beach has NEVER held a chair position in the entire history of APCD (Morro Bay has). The vice-chair position was rightfully due to Pismo Beach, but John Hamon inexplicably gave it away without any reason or statement.

Both Adam Hill and Noah Smukler have always voted in lock-step to increase regulations (e.g., fees on wineries for "air pollution" caused by fermenting grapes). They have NEVER crossed ideological boundaries, while our Republican representatives are constantly accused of being partisan! How can Mr. Mecham and Mr. Hamon give away the majority we voted for? Ask them!


The REAL Partisans? DEMOCRATS.

No Democrat serving on APCD comes to mind that has ever crossed the party boundary---with the exception of Grover Beach Mayor Debbie Peterson. For that, Peterson was lambasted by Democrat Adam Hill, castigated by her own Democrat Party, targeted and voted off APCD by her Democrat City Council, not endorsed by Democrat colleagues, and criticized by the Democrat daily newspaper. NOW THAT'S PARTISANSHIP.

Conversely, Republican APCD directors have caved to Democrat ideologies more times than one can count in the past few years: Republican Katcho melted like butter. Republican Paul Teixeira is credited with being the swing vote to pass the dunes "Dust Rule". Republicans Ed Waage and Roberta Fonzi have frequently crossed lines with good grace. Republicans Mecham and Hamon too on many occasions.

While Democrats on APCD make impassioned speeches imploring Republicans to "avoid ideology" and partisanship, it remains a profound fact that it is APCD Democrats who hold near-exclusive title to partisanship and ideology on APCD (with the exception of Debbie Peterson).


Frank? John? Please! What is the deal here?